5 Keys to Run the Perfect Fundraiser for Kids

Okay, so you work for a children’s organization and you need to raise some money. Maybe it’s time for some new equipment, costumes, materials, scholarship opportunities, competition fee funds, travel cost funds, or just general program improvements. So now what? Don’t worry, Pittsburgh! Benvenuti’s Pizza Products has put together 5 keys to running a fun and worthwhile fundraiser in 2022: 

  1.  Pick a Product Your Audience Will Love

Sales fundraisers are a widely-accepted way of raising quick money for your kid’s program. When choosing a fundraiser, knowing your people is key. You want to choose a product that you know everyone can get behind. As you know if you’re working with children, it’s important to remember that your fundraising campaign needs to appeal to the kids, their parents, and their communities. 

So what do kids like? Food! Food Fundraisers come out as top sellers year after year, especially in elementary and middle schools. While parents love a good meal too, most are busy and already cautious of taking on any more obligations, even if it is for their child’s organization. 

The key to great adult participation in your kid’s fundraiser is overwhelmingly…convenience! How can your program benefit them? Bring parents value to their already packed schedules with a simple program that offers high reward for their kid’s programming. The reality is, parents only buy items their kids want for dinner. If the kids aren’t enthusiastic, you won’t sell the parents on anything.

The Benvenuti’s Pizza Kit Fundraiser is a tried and tested hit for parents and kids alike from the very beginning! Our affiliated company, K.B. Pizza Inc., has been supplying par-baked and fresh pizza dough to the delight of 300+ public schools throughout PA, OH, and NY for years with resounding approval.

  1.  Get Everyone on the Same Page

Yup, we’ve all heard it before: Communication is key. If you’re a founder, program manager, PTO/PTA member, booster leader, coach, or other management role in a children’s organization, you already understand the importance of clear announcements, updates, and materials. 

When it comes to raising money, people can be hesitant at first, which is why it is so important to clearly identify and explain the goals for your fundraiser. When you keep it simple, raising funds can build support and momentum to your organization, bringing all of your members together under one common objective that benefits everyone.

We recommend making regular announcements about your fundraising program and providing opportunities for people to learn more if they want. Once everyone understands what you’re working towards, creating valuable incentives can motivate kids and parents/guardians to perform at their best. Throughout your fundraiser, remind everyone that every sale helps and that when you win, we all win!

  1.  Spread the Word! 

If you want your fundraiser to be a success, you’ll want to create opportunities to expose your community to your fundraising goals and organization. Hosting events, partnering with other organizations, and consistently sharing your fundraiser via online and printed materials are all great ways to boost awareness and support for your money raising goals.

Good quality fundraisers should offer you materials to spread the word about your fundraiser and maximize your profits. Look for brochures, FAQs, sales materials, and extended service documents that elevate the value of your product.

The Benvenuti’s Pizza Kit Fundraiser Program takes this seriously, which is why, on top of the basics mentioned above, we’ve also put together recipe ideas, interactive sales tools, and more here: https://www.Benvenuti’spizzaproducts.com/downloadable-documents/

  1.  Master your Timing

Research shows that traditional product and online fundraisers typically see a greater amount of activity when run over a shorter period of time. Quick turnarounds ensure that your members and community can see the impact of their efforts while their initial motivation is still fresh. 

With Benvenuti’s Pizza Products, the typical fundraiser will run for an average of 8 weeks, with 1 week for setting your group up with order forms and any other materials you might need, 4 weeks to SELL SELL SELL, 1 week to confirm orders and organize your accounts, and 2 weeks for delivery and final payout. The Benvenuti’s Pizza Kit Fundraiser also offers the ability to run single-day sales and other creative options for shorter fundraisers. 

Don’t forget, there’s nothing wrong with getting creative! If you’d like to see what other customizable options we can arrange for you and your organization, please contact [email protected].

  1.  Get your Margins Right

Selecting a higher margin product is one of the easiest ways for you to boost your fundraising results, and it takes no additional time or effort during the fundraising process. We know fundraising can increase awareness and group morale, but at the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to make sure that all of these efforts are profitable. We recommend that each item sold earned by your group or individual should provide 30% return or more in profit.

The Benvenuti’s Pizza Kit Fundraiser Program offers exactly this. You can see the detailed breakdown of items and corresponding profits listed below:

  1. Traditional Cheese – $5 profit
  2. Traditional Pepperoni – $6 profit
  3. Thin and Crispy Cheese – $5 profit
  4. Thin and Crispy Pepperoni – $6 profit
  5. Bambino Cheese – $3.50 profit
  6. Bambino Pepperoni – $4 profit
  7. Breadsticks – $4.50 profit

Learn more about money making opportunities for your children’s organization at https://www.Benvenutispizzaproducts.com/ 

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