Unique Fundraiser Program Could Benefit Church Youth Groups in Southwestern PA

Summer 2022 Youth Group Planning and Programming

Are you a Pastor, church admin, or youth leader looking for ways to raise money for your church’s youth programming this summer? Whether you’re raising funds for new equipment, resources for VBS and other activities, scholarship funds, or mission trip funding, the new Benvenuti’s Pizza Kit Fundraiser could be a great way to reach your goals and get your students involved.

Did you know… More than 25% of boys between 6 and 19 eat pizza every day?

The Atlantic

The Rise of the Pizza-Kit

For centuries, Pizza Night has been a staple in the American home. Over the last few years as families have spent more time together at home, pizza night has been reimagined, and the popularity of the take-home DIY Par-Baked Pizza Kits has skyrocketed. In a Benvenuti’s pizza kit you’ll find all the ingredients and instructions you need to make, bake, and enjoy an evening of family fun and a delicious quality pizza from home! Pizza kits offer both a dinner solution and a whole-family activity, which has made them incredibly successful as fundraiser products.

Pittsburgh Local, Pittsburgh Loved

Benvenuti’s Pizza Products is a local Pennsylvania company with Italian roots, founded in 1963 by an Italian family with a love of baking. Benvenuti’s started as a small family bakery in Carnegie, PA and expanded to dough making in 1981 with K.B. Pizza Inc. In 2021, Benvenuti’s Pizza saw an opportunity to roll out a kid-focused fundraising program and combine their beloved recipes with the trendy pizza-kit for the Greater Pittsburgh Area. 

The goal of the Benvenuti’s Pizza Kit Fundraiser is to help local youth groups raise the financial resources they need to continue their ministries with lucrative and affordable fundraising solutions. Since its launch, Benvenuti’s Pizza Kit Fundraising Programs have facilitated raising thousands of dollars for organizations like yours by selling a simple and universally loved product line.

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