Local Children’s Pizza Fundraiser Rolls Out Just for the Greater Pittsburgh Area

Local Company Offering Children’s Pizza Fundraiser Program in Southwestern PA

In 2021 Benvenutis Pizza Products rolled out a new kid-friendly At-Home Pizza Kit fundraising program for the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Benvenutis Pizza Kit Fundraiser is the newest installation to the Benvenutis Pizza family, joining their food truck and dough factory. Since its launch, Benvenuti’s Pizza Kit Fundraising Programs have facilitated raising thousands of dollars for organizations like yours by selling a simple and universally loved product line. 

Here are the details of how the fundraising program works:

Who is Benvenutis Pizza 

Benvenutis Pizza is a local Pennsylvania company with Italian roots, founded in 1963 by an Italian family with a love of baking. Benvenuti’s started as a small family bakery in Carnegie PA and expanded to dough making in 1981 with K.B. Pizza Inc. We pride ourselves on fresh dough that’s handmade with a recipe that has been passed down through three generations, starting with Angelo Benvenuti in Italy. Benvenutis sauce is made in-house, and our special 3-cheese blend of mozzarella, provolone, and white cheddar is made specifically for Benvenutis pizzas. You won’t find these flavors anywhere else! 

We Collaborate With You

We’re here to assist you. We will contact you to go over the details of how to make your fundraiser a success and walk with you from start to finish, assisting you with all the plans regarding fundraiser dates, providing a cover letter with all the information your group needs to know, organizing your sale, tallying your order forms, and ensuring you have everything you need to run a successful fundraiser. We’ll also provide free unique incentive programs to help motivate your salespeople. All of these services are supplied at no cost to you.

Raise Funds with Benvenutis

Benvenutis Pizza Kit Fundraiser programs normally last for 8 weeks, however we can customize a plan based on your needs. In our typical program, you would plan on selling for 2-4 weeks. Your merchants will collect their orders at this time. Request that your sellers collect payment by check made payable to your group or organization as customers place their Pizza Kit orders. Gather the order forms from your merchants, add up the number of kits you require and place your order. Every item sold makes you a 30 percent or more profit.

Deliver Pizza Kits And Keep The Money

A refrigerated truck will deliver the kits directly to your club or organization. At the time of delivery, payment for your group’s or organization’s fundraising is due. The delivery driver will accept a school check, cashier’s check, or money order. You keep the earnings from the group and profit right away. 

Contact Us

See if this program is right for you on our website and connect with our program director. If you want to extend the fundraiser, contact us, and we will be here to offer the necessary help.